RockyTHON Positions

If you are signed up or are looking to sign up, you may be nervous or confused by the different roles that you can choose from. Here, we will explain what it means to be a part of RockyTHON at WIU based on your role.

EVERY person who signs up MUST raise $100 in order to attend the Dance Marathon event.

DANCERS are only required to raise $100 in order to attend the event. They are able to participate in any and all events throughout the year such as the spaghetti dinner and all events at RockyTHON. There are no meetings or outside obligations for dancers besides to raise $100.

MORALE is an applied position, and consists of a group of people that meet about once a week for about 8 months putting together a dance routine to teach to all the dancers at the RockyTHON event. There is no prior dance experience or knowledge required, it is all just fun.

E-BOARD is also an applied position, where you will apply specifically for certain areas of expertise. E-board members work on RockyTHON prep and activities on a daily basis, and need to be completely committed to RockyTHON. You must have been a dancer for at least one year and attended one RockyTHON event in order to apply for a position. There are meetings for E-Board members on a weekly basis, and E-Board members are encouraged and challenged to raise $1000.

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