Who Are We?

Executive Board Members



Name: Tate Noah Dowell 

Year in School: Junior 

Major:  Fire Science Minor: Scuba 

Position: Vice President of External Affairs  

Why I DM: I DM to put smiles on the Miracle families faces. I believe that if I put a smile on someone’s face I know that I made their day better and their life a little bit easier and more enjoyable. 


Name: Shelby Garman 

Year in School: Senior

Major: Agribusiness 

Position: Co-Director of Dancer Relations  

Why I DM: I DM for those who don’t have the chance to live out a “normal” childhood. No kid should have to spend their worry free years in a hospital bed, worrying about their test results.


Name: Maddie Stambaugh

Year in School: Junior

Major: Special Education & Elementary Education

Position: Co-Director of Dancer Relations

Why I DM: I DM for the kids that are fighting their fight inside and out of the hospitals!


Name: Briana Cline

Year in School: Senior

Major: Psychology Minor: Neuroscience

Position: VP of Internal

Why I DM: I DM because of kid deserves a childhood that includes memories full of laughter, fun, and with all their families and not inside hospitals with tubes, shots, and tests


Name: Mary Leamon

Year in school: junior

Major: Elementary Education 

Position: VP of Communication

Why I DM: I DM for all the kiddos and families who don’t deserve their diagnoses. I am inspired by the bravery, courage, and strength that I have seen in these kids and I am honored to be able to join them in their fight!


Name:Alexis McGinnis

Year: Junior 

Major: Fire Science 

Position: Special Events 

Why I DM: I DM because I want to do what I can to help the kids and their families. I want to bring smiles to their faces. I have two nieces and would want the support Dance Marathon provides if they ever were in a CMN hospital. I am inspired by everything I have seen by being apart of this organization.


Name: Gracie Richardson

Year: Junior 

Major: History Education 

Position: Director of Fundraising 

Why I DM: Over the last few DMs I have attended, I get so inspired by those kids who return year after year, same fight and drive as always. They are real and true survivors of disease and injury that I couldn’t imagine. I DM to make more survivors on this earth!


Name: Marc Ramirez

Year: Junior

Major: Communication

Position: Director of Morale  

Why I DM: I dance to make a difference, to make someone smile, to change lives. Sometimes we don’t realize how the smallest things make the biggest impact and having a small role in it makes my heart whole. FTK!


Name: Julianna Kessler

Year: Senior

Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology

Position: President

Why I DM: I dance so the kids know they aren’t going through their fight alone and have a world of support behind them! I dance because I know that one person CAN make a difference and have a world of support behind them! 



Name: Zoey Gray

Year: Senior

Major: Nursing

Position: Community Relations Chairman

Why I DM: I DM because I have a love of helping people and I want to make a difference in any way that I can.


Name: Danielle Olson

Year in School: Sophomore 

Major: Special Education

Position: Director of Public Relations

Why I DM: I DM for the kids who I have worked with in organizations like Special Olympics and Best Buddies and so many other kids like them who could use our support and our love to help them to grow and live great lives full of opportunity and happiness!



Name: Cali Caruso

Year in School: Senior

Major: LEJA

Position: Co-Director of Special Events

Why I DM: I DM for my best friend’s 18 year old sister who has been battling a stage 4 cancer for almost six years. She has stood her ground and spoke up against childhood cancer and the 4% federal funding by raising money and awareness all across the world.